Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inspired to save!

Ok.... So here I go!

My family moved to NC 6 months ago ( WOW... time is flying) and now I have a little more time on my hands. Since we have been here I have been feeling the desire to be a little more frugle with our money. Well it started with coupon clipping which I felt I never had time to do before or I would clip them and leave them at home and forget to use them. When I got started I would save tops $8 off of my grocery bill. I was having a hard time figguring out how to make this work. I was still walking out of the grocery store spending anywhere from $150 - $200 for about and a week and a half of food and toiletries. Well, I have found some of my favoriet sites that I go to often to get the best tips on saving money. Now I have been able to spent $60-$100 a week on food. I am still new at this and working on how to cut that down even more! It is so much fun! I am also finding way of getting things for free! Even better huh.

Here are some of the sites I check often! These girls are great at getting be best deals at CVS and more!




I also have signed up to grocery game and have been able to save a bunch on my grocerys. I try to only buy things that are on sale. So, I went grocery shopping yesterday and here is how I did!

Lowes Foods- $62.97
Reward savings/ Coupons -$20.73
Total spent- $42.24

Kroger - $95.68
Kroger Plus saving/ Coupons -$29.81
Total spent-$65.87

I spent a total of $108.11 and saved $50.54! I know it will get better. I will be working cutting that bill in half!

I plan to go to CVS today and get some free stuff! I will share later what I got. I can't wait until they get more $/$$ coupons!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Good Job! Keep it up.

Jess said...

So fun that your are doing this!!!
I love that you have a Jroger, I have never heard of them but from what I have seen on some sites you can get some pretty good deals!
I will be praying!