Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What has been going on!

We have had a busy week. Last Monday we went to the park with some friends, Tuesday we went over to a Friends house for dinner to celebrate another friends birthday. Wednesday we went to the birthday friends house to help her get her nursery ready for her little girl that will be here in 6 days. It was also Alyssa's birthday, so after we went to DQ to get Ice cream before church. She wanted to take cup cakes to her Daisey's class to share with everyone. It was so cute when she walked in they hid behind the door and yelled surprise to her and sang happy birthday. She has wanted a surprise party and well.... she didn't expect that. She stood at the door kinda freaked out for a min. Thur the girls played out side all day on the slip n slide and we had cake and ice cream that night for her b-day. Albert has been playing softball with our church, so our weekends have been filled with games and church. They just had their last games this weekend. It was allot of fun, but I am glad it is over for now. It was starting to get really hot out. This past weekend they had 3 games 1 on Friday night and 2 on Sat when it was 100 out side. Sunday we had church and Sunday night they had their badge celebration for Mpact girls club and Royal rangers. It was so much fun. The girls went up on stage and received their sashes with their badges for the units they did. Each unit consisted of book work, memory verses, and a project.
With all that went on this week. I am sad to say I did not get a single picture! :-( My camera is not working!
This week I have officially his the 20 week mark! Ya, I am half way there!